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About MemberSites

MemberSites was conceived in 2008 and was created to fill a need in membership organizations and companies wanting to increase membership or employee participation and promote a more active web experience for their users. In 2009 the software platform was developed, tested and deployed with the initial feature set. MemberSites was incorporated in March 2010 with Steven Johannessen as president and Jim Brewer as programming guru.

The first organization to utilize this software was a Chamber of Commerce. A website was constructed for them and the MemberSite software was integrated using the contact information provided by them. The first community site went live in February 2010 and included a community calendar, a jobs board, a business locator, and an online member sign-up. The site also included extensive back-end administration screens with tools to enhance communications and track membership.

In addition to providing software for Chambers of Commerce, the company is currently expanding their user base to include state and local government organizations and support groups, visitor bureaus and tourism authorities. Not surprisingly, many large organization and civic groups are finding that they too can benefit from this technology. Additionally, this technology easily extends into corporate website and intranet uses.

MemberSites can help make the software integration process an easy one. Our trained tech's will provide the code and assistance. The setup can accomplished quickly once the member information is provided. Please give us a gall to discuss your needs.

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