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A Sneak Peek At MemberSites Web Development

Great progress is being made on our new advanced technology platform - the new MemberSites V4 project currently under development. After many hours of R&D and iterative development we have completed the major integration challenges encountered with evaluating, selecting and developing using many different cutting-edge web frameworks. To give you a feel we have integrated many leading technologies into our platform - all used to create a very new type of web applications suite. Among these are d3JS for data visualization, NodeJS server, Neo4j, Mongo, FireBase databases, Angular, jQuery and Bootstrap application and CSS frameworks, responsive HTML5 designs, thin server design, and restful applications - all designed to massively scale by using cloud-based virtual servers. Sounds like a lot and it is! We are totally jazzed about the current development plans for next year. Stay tuned!

How it Works

The MemberSites software and administration packages are available for all kinds of associations and groups. We will provide your organization with a customized "Business Locator" or "Member Locator" for your website at no charge and provide your members with free listings of business name, address and phone. Your members can then greatly improve their web presence with an optional upgrade to an enhanced listing - a customized multi-page member website within your business locator. All this for a low annual subscription cost paid by each member using our easy PayPal MemberSite sign-up. Members pay less than the cost of a single ad in a newspaper to receive a full year MemberSite Expanded Member Listing. Associations and groups also have the option to create an additional revenue stream by adding on a surcharge on to the annual cost - it's your choice.

In addition:

  • There is NO software to learn - our member pages are very easy to use and make changes. Your members stay in control of their web page at all times.

  • Improved traffic to each member's listing will increase your organization's overall website traffic and boost membership. Our first client reported a 15% increase in membership upon launch of a MemberSites product after 1 year.

  • Member Sites is a very economical way for your members (who don't have a big budget) to create a full-fledged website and have a web presence within your organization. In addition, you will also have a robust back-end membership administration system with reporting, automated processes and online membership signup.

  • There is no cost for upgrades to our software, not ever!

  • Enthusiastic support from our highly trained website technicians will get you set up in no time.

  • Beautiful designs and layouts by our award winning design team.

  • See more features

Empower Your Membership!

MemberSites provides online membership solutions for Associations, Chambers of Commerce, Tourist Development groups, or any group that needs a cost-effective and turn-key way to provide useful marketing tools and enhanced individual pages for their membership.

MemberSites has deployed bi-lingual websites for the Association for Child Development in Michigan and Illinois. MemberSites has also built websites for organizations in Washington DC, North Carolina, Georgia, Illinois, Michigan, Oregon and California. Contact us to get more information about signing up your organization with MemberSites.

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